How do you, the music fan, want to download music?

Yesterday I decided to hand the keys to my music store at coreycoleman.bandcamp.com to anyone who showed up, letting people download tracks from my latest EP "Green" for free, with an email list signup required for free download.

I had quite a few downloads, and some people purchased the EP for more than the two dollar minimum by naming their own price.

It may have been my mom. I'll have to investigate.

I'm wondering what you, the music fan, the person in charge of this new music industry, think is the best way to go about distributing music online.

I've created a poll below with a few options.

Of course, I'm trying to make a living here, but I'm open to just about anything, and am primarily interested in providing music people want to listen to, delivered to them in a way they would prefer.

What do you think is the best way for me to offer my music and spread the word to new music fans?

Have other ideas? Cool. Mind posting them in the comments section? I appreciate it.

What do you think is the best way for me to offer my music?
Free 128k (CD quality) tracks, mailing list signup required to download, with the option to purchase (high quality mp3, wav, flac) album (name your own price).
Free 128k album download, mailing list signup required, with the option to purchase high quality individual tracks(name your own price).
Everything (tracks and album) set to name your own price. Free download requires mailing list signup.
Everything (tracks and album) set to name your own price. No mailing list signup for free download.

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