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Item 1:

I recently set up a fan list (The Corey Coleman Accomplices - cheesy name, yes, but fun) where you can sign up to occasionally receive free mp3s of released/unreleased material, updates, videos, and whatever else I think you might dig. But not in an every five minutes "spammy" sort of way.

On that note I don't do "unsolicited" email (other than personal emails where you forward me a funny story about the workplace (perhaps a paper manufacturing company) and I reply with a cute picture of my cat (Basil) or my brothers (let's call them Ted, both of them) and I at a barbecue (In Austria) etc.) So the only way to get the inside scoop is to get on the list.

I encourage you to head over to coreycoleman.fanbridge.com and sign up now.

I won't force you to, but seriously, you probably should.

(and after you do, add me to your safe senders list too)

Item 2:

My new music store!

I just set it up with my new digital EP and it's ready to go. You can listen to and/or purchase each track, or the whole album.

The best part..... you get to name your own price. (Yeah, I thought you'd like that)

This is all to make sure I maintain a steady supply of Ramen noodles and guitar strings, so thank you in advance for that.

Anyway, check it out if you get a chance. I'm pretty excited about it.

The link again is: coreycoleman.bandcamp.com

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