Who The Hell Is Corey Coleman?

So it's 4:01 AM on Thursday, February 5th..... 2009

I'm 25, soon to be 26 in April.

I know, I know, 26 isn't very old at all right?

But what if you had been repeatedly told by everyone you knew from the age of 11 or so that you were a prodigy, and destined for unbelievable fame and fortune?

15 years later you're sitting in your brother's spare bedroom, homeless, jobless, penniless and confused.

You look back on five or so failed long term relationships representing different epochs of your adult life, scratching your head, wondering why you allowed yourself to drift through life with nothing but a few dreams and a facade of self-identification determined by whichever girl you happened to be living with at the time. All of them wonderful, none of them as wonderful as the harmonies swirling around in your head, keeping you awake every night as you're trying to get to sleep before making the morning drive to the warehouse, office building, big box store or garage.

How could this be the fate of a "child prodigy"?

What happened to all those years in between getting that chill you still remember feeling after hearing that sobbing, screaming, euphoric first note of Jimi Hendrix's solo on "Machine Gun" and driving a '95 Buick four hours to the nearest friendly couch owner after having life as you know it ripped out from under you yet again?

26 feels old right now.

Maybe it's just the failure to make anything of myself that feels old. That's probably it.

Either way, I have two options:

1. Find a safe job in Binghamton, NY (where I currently am), save up for a place, get a few students if I have the time, and call it a life. As Thom York of Radiohead puts it "Nice Dream". At least while it lasted, but it's time to be a big boy now. Right?

2. Say no to the mindset of failure and self-fulfilling negative prophecies and find new and creative ways to MAKE this monkey on my back called music start working for me, and hopefully others along the way.

I'm shooting for the second option.

This will be a journal of the events that lead me to wherever I'm ultimately going, and hopefully a forum for others to share their experiences, encourage each other and exchange ideas.


I'm Corey Coleman, and I'm a professional musician.
It's time I started acting like one

Corey - Carthage Park


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Making It - By Corey Coleman


Michelle said...

Corey Coleman introduced me to Jimi Hendrix. I still remember that day.

Good luck, Corey. I'll be checking in. ;)

Corey Coleman said...

Hah! I remember that!

Thanks a lot Michelle