Twitter/Facebook People - Help Define Me!

I need your help. Yes, yours.

I'll give you candy.


I've struggled with this for a while now.

As an artist, I hesitate to answer the following questions:

What kind of music do you play?
What do you sound like?
Who do you sound like?

Every time I'm asked I get this yucky feeling like I have to quickly justify my existence as a human being with my reply, because the real answer is:

"I sound like everything I've ever thought of. At least to myself."

But as someone who is doing this for a living, I have to be able to quickly capture the essence of my music, and hopefully entice the questioner to want to know more.

It's just the unfortunate reality of marrying art with business.

So as someone who is unable to objectively define my own creation without feeling like I'm lying or selling myself short, I'd like YOU to define me. For me.

But it has to be short, simple and, most importantly, intriguing.

Some random examples of what I'm talking about:

- Metal Band: "We sound like King Kong tearing the roof off of your childhood home."

- Soulful Singer/Songwritier: "A cross between James Taylor and Marvin Gaye"

- Jazz Fusion Group: "Like James Brown taking an axe to a burning piano"


So anyway, What kind of music do I play? What do I sound like? Who do I sound like?

After a while I'll pick one, or combine a few of your replies if they seem to work. If yours is selected, I'll:

- Announce it to the world and link to whatever you like
- Send you unreleased demos of the album I'm currently working on - Songs For People Who Like Songs About Themselves

Cool? Cool.

Either reply here, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you can find me

Thanks in advance. You're a life-saver.



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