New Album! First Song Is Here

I recently undertook an interesting new project. I'm writing, recording and releasing songs for people who requested them on Twitter. (details here)

The first song is finished!

The first song is done and available for immediate free download at coreycoleman.bandcamp.com

It's called Mr. Merlin (Basquiat's Esteemed Consort)

The album is called "Songs For People Who Like Songs About Themselves"

It took a bit longer to get this finished than I expected, as I have a tendency to come up with about 50 or so versions of something before settling on one.

Of course, that makes for good bonus material, which might just be included with the purchase of the album when it's finished.

But everything is free until I finish the record.

Strange business model, I know. But I'm sort of strange.

More coming soon. (There might even be a music video.......)

Stay Tuned.

And let me know what you think!

As always, you can keep track of my goings on at:



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